Some OCs. Drew these quite a while ago. Never got around to finishing them. I’m beginning to wonder if I ever finish anything /laughs. 

That first guy is Von. He’s a feebas and he has an inferiority complex the size of Seto Kaiba’s ego. He’s capable of changing his tail into a pair of legs, but almost never does because his legs are stupidly long. He hates them. For that matter he hates his fins too. He hates everything about himself okay. Stupidly scrawny because he doesn’t actually have a home and he can’t hunt or forage at all. I forgot to draw it here, but he has a prism scale necklace, which was a gift from his trainer. Before his trainer died. His trainer drowned. He blames himself entirely. More on that later. Or, knowing me, never.

The itty bitty chibi spider boy is currently unnamed. Basically he feels bad when he kills things so he doesn’t. He’s a scavenger, mostly, and will eat things if he finds them dead. Otherwise he…well. Doesn’t eat them. Being a spider and all though it’s not like he’s capable of eating flora. He eventually starves to death but oops that’s spoilers. Also when he blinks a single pair of eyes closes at a time, starting from the top. It’s unnerving as hell to watch. I need to make that a gif some time. Just him blinking at you. I can’t remember what kind of spider I based him on and it’s really bothering me because I don’t remember his colors anymore.

No prizes for guessing that I’m rather fond of monster boys, and just about as fond of being a jerk to my OCs

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